Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Alhamdulillah dah hampir 1 bulan setengah kami sekeluarga kembali ke Malaysia. Irsyad dah start d kinder for 3 weeks..without any tears. but he keep asking when we gonna go back to aussie..he miss school n friends a lot...if we still there he will start primary school this for sabil today her third day at school..she keep complaining how much burden she got to face...wake up early..heavy bag..too much stairs to friends...n of course the teachers here is not that friendly which we can't really blame them since there is tooooooooooo many students to entertain..each standard they got 5 classes which approximately 30 students each..just imgaine from standard 1-6 how many kids in that the pre-school students...hectic....the first two days we did went to check her during break..but today i did tell her that i am not coming...but at 1 p.m will pick her up to send to irsyad kinder for transit..there she will have her lunch, shower, pray recite quran n fardu ain which is i think the best for her at the moment..poor my 7 a.m start from home and they only manage to reach home again at 6 the earliest..

as for work i am not that happy as before..too much changes happened..people become toooo individualistic..senang cerita berkira nak before we are more than happy to help each other..but not i have to play the games like others..just do what u are required to do..but the truth is i am not time goes by i think i will adjust and work happily ever after..insyaAllah...

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