Friday, June 18, 2010


Mengalami depression yg kronik..nak jer rasa telan org..nape la manusia ni suka make use of people untuk own benefit..mintak jauhlah jadi mcm tu..very unethical..selfish..n many more which i couldn't describe

i'm really struggling at the moment..byk keja nak kena buat..tapi as usual malas..last week just finish what they called it become compulsory..we have to present in our second year of study..n just receive an email from sv to attend one of the conf. in npvember..meaning more work..i'm promised with someone to co-author..really juggling with mix of writing can i enjoy my holiday..but i'll definitely...the only way i can escape from work..hopefully...

how i wish can complete this on time..but i really can't..i have tried but i can't control other circumstances..the delay of reviewing etc...

i just finish doing something 4 someone which unrelated to me at all..i wish i can say no..but i couldn't..i miss my happy life..the only moment that I can enjoy now is when I'm cooking..that's the only way I can reduce the stress..but when looking at the mess after that..terrible..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Laughing with fears

why..having this burden..hidup x pernah aman..keep thinking all the and night..